Poker Strategy

There are many people who play poker, but the vast majority don’t make a single penny. Even worse than being an unprofitable poker player is being a losing player. If you have landed on this site you must want to get better at poker. What does it take to become a winning poker player? A desire to learn and work hard.

Whether you are a casual poker player looking to take your game to the next level or a veteran who is struggling, you will be able to learn from our poker strategy articles written by a poker expert.

Poker is an incredibly complex game, and the aim of Pure Poker Strategy is to simplify everything as much as possible. There is no point in learning about a strategy that doesn’t apply to your particular game.

Texas Hold’em and Omaha Strategy

There are two primary sections to choose from, Texas Hold’em and Omaha. Each category of strategy articles is broken down into many subsections. Within these subsections players can browse by game type, the variation of game, or even the limits they are playing. Everything from Heads Up Sit n Go strategy to full ring cash game strategy is covered.

Cash Game, Sit n Go, and Tournament Strategy

You can read about how to beat each type of poker game, be it cash, Sit and Go, or Tournament. Cash games are one of the most popular forms of poker today, but it is also one of the most difficult to compete in. You can change this by reading as many articles as you can. Sit and Go’s are another great option for online poker players. The dynamics of a Sit and Go allow both cash game players and tournament players to be comfortable. The other option is tournaments. Tournaments are the most popular form of poker and can be found online 24/7, on TV, and in your local casino. Learn how to dominate your opponents in poker tournaments.

From the Micro Stakes to the High Stakes

Maybe you want to learn how to beat the stakes you are currently playing. Learning by stake will assure that everything you read will be applicable to your particular limit. The micro stakes are where most online poker players start out, but many other players hop right into the small stakes or medium stakes. If you have a large bankroll you could always start playing high stakes poker, but you will face some stiff competition. The skills at each level of poker vary greatly and it is important that poker players understand how one limit is different from the next.

Heads Up, 6-Max, or Full Ring Games

Perhaps you simply want to learn about how to play each variation of poker. If this is the case you can take a look at either the Heads Up, 6-Max, or Full Ring poker strategy articles. Heads up poker has gotten incredibly popular, especially online over the past few years. Heads up poker also happens to be the most profitable form of poker out there today. Some players, though, would prefer to play 6-Max or Full Ring games because they are not as aggressive. The styles of play really shift from one game to the next and understanding the differences between each type will help any player become more profitable.

No matter your skill level, we have articles available for you to learn from. If you are interested in learning about poker concepts you can go to the Texas Hold’em or Omaha strategy articles section. In these sections you will be able to learn about everything from raising pre flop to check raising the river.

Look around, read as much as you can, and I assure you that your game will improve as a result.