100NL 6-Max Cash Game Strategy

The general approach at 100nl 6 max is to have a highly aggressive playing style. This game is the in between game of the overly aggressive 200nl and calling stations at 50nl. To be a successful 100nl 6 max player you have to widen your range and be able to 3 bet hands preflop from various positions at the table. The main key to staying consistent at 100nl is being able to read your opponents. From what I feel about this limit your opponents will for the most part tell you what their hands are by flat calling bets or by raising bets pre and post flop. So being able to stay consistently aggressive at this limit will pick you up more pots than otherwise if you play cautious before and after the flop. Picking up pots before the flop by making raises from the  button or  cutoff position are key to playing at any limit but especially at 100nl. They are so important because at this level players feel that they are better and will get themselves stuck in a lot of pots by calling raises and playing hands out of position rather than 3 betting preflop and increasing their return on equity. Most players who do 3 bet preflop truly understand playing at 100nl and will be successful players in the future if they aren’t already.

Dynamics of the Game

The most important part of beating a game like this is to be able to steal pots away from your opponents by applying max pressure. A lot of these players are players who play too snug in most pots and never truly grasp getting max equity for hands. One reason why a lot of 100nl players never move up in the ranks to play 200nl is because they don’t play enough marginal hands and float hands in position before the flop or float calls on the flop to take the pot away on the turn. Many of your opponents still only look at their hands and not at what they think you could have, this is a terrible cash game strategy. A very easy way to exploit your opponents is by staying aggressive and not giving up on a pot if your opponent seems to be calling down with weak hands or draws. If a draw misses a turn on a board where a flush draw or straight draw seems very likely it is easy to let a turn go check, check but a better play is to fire a ¾ pot size bet out and be able to win the pot right there with no conflict. Most of your opponents will throw their hands away and you will be able to take down the pot. So basically just stay aggressive at 100nl and you will thrive and be able to be beating it and move on to 200nl in only a matter of time.