100NL Heads Up (HU) Cash Game Strategy

At this level of cash tables it consists of very few maniacs and quite a few heads up grinders. Many of these players will play relatively tight but also many will make raises to 3 bb’s as a standard on the button play preflop to steal the blinds. To be able to counter this play I suggest a very aggressive style opening your range up vastly and constantly 3 betting to $9-$12 and also raising on the button almost every hand so you are playing right up with your opponent. Now to be able to take pots down after the flop; a check raise if playing out of position is a great play even if you are empty because many times if your opponent raised before the flop they will continuation bet on the flop.

Full Tilt Heads Up

The perfect way to slow your opponent down so you don’t get run over at the table is to check raise them a couple times so they think twice about it the next time. A check and then call most of the time will still allow your opponent to take the pot away on one of the next streets and doesn’t allow you the most return for your money. I would suggest either leading out with hands on flops or to check raise flops because your opponent will most likely be playing aggressive and check calling just gets you stuck in hands and able to be easily run over.

Consistent Winning Sessions

To be able to have continuous good sessions at 100nl HU’s you have to be able to take down the pots that your opponent isn’t crazy about meaning they have a rag hand and even if they raise you you have to have the ability to understand when is the ideal time to raise pots and when is the ideal time to lay hands down. If you can figure out what your opponent has or what their range is that is half the battle. Figuring out your opponents ranges are the toughest part of playing Heads Ups cash games and once figured out you will have continued success and be able to maintain a bankroll and watch it consistently grow.