3-Betting Pre Flop

Playing pots out of position is one thing that will lead to being an unprofitable poker player. Three bets out of position especially will get one stuck in a hand and is simply not profitable. For instance at higher stakes playing cutoff raising hands and 3 betting will kill one’s bankroll if not done correctly. Obviously 3 betting pre flop with hands such as AK and Queens or better is the best strategy in turning a profit but certain situations call for different plays.

Absolute Poker Table

3-Betting Against Aggressive Opponents

If facing an aggressive player the better play would be to be patient and trap your opponent into taking down a big pot. A steal from the button or re steal with weaker hands will only work against weaker or more passive players. But facing an aggressive player and 3 betting with a hand such as A10 or AJ can get you stuck and lose a big pot if the player actually wakes up with a big hand. One thing I’ve seen from playing is to switch or change gears relating to the table you are at. If it is a super aggressive table or has many aggressive players then be patient and wait for a hand to take down a big pot.

3-Betting Against Tight or Passive Opponents

If it is a tight or passive table 3 bet more often pre-flop whether out of position or in position; in position preferably, and continuation bet after the flop to increase your ROI. Many players at low stakes such as .25/.50 or .50/1 will just look at their hands so this will increase your fold equity by playing more cutoff hands and making continuation bets. But at higher stakes such as 5/10 online it becomes more difficult to take down pots as other players will consistently 3 bet one if they feel that they are raising too many hands. Thus playing hands in position and re raising pre-flop in position will ultimately return the most money to you and allow you to have consistently profitable sessions. Just adjust to the tables you are playing at and 3 betting pre flop will become easy to pick good spots and win more hands and increase profitability.