Adjusting to 6-Max Tables

When players leave a 6 max table that you are sitting at you have to make a slight adjustment to your game.  When at a 6 max cash table the best way to start off 6 handed is play AJ or better and a cutoff pair like 77 or 88 from early position but when one player leaves your cutoff range opens up to a slightly wider range of hands.  You should almost open with any suited connecting cards J10 or higher and when it drops to 4 handed at a cash game your range is even further and you should be opening with almost any hands that can get you there.  Being able to adjust to situations is what makes players who aren’t profitable into players who are able to turn a profit.  And vice versa it could cripple players it could take very solid good players and simply have them go nuts playing in a 4 handed cash game because from previously playing tight they will get run over to players who adjust and start raising a wider range of hands.  When under the gun or on the button at a 4 handed table you will want to put pressure on the blinds and play virtually any 2 cards besides extreme rag hands allowing yourself to take down more hands.

Post Flop Play

To be able to take down pots you have to continuation bet a lot of flops and even if called continue your two streets of equity on the turn.  The key to being able to make yourself into a profitable player when players leave the table is to be able to open up your range and know where you are in hands.  When you can read situations it makes the game that much easier especially playing low limit cash games online it could turn a much higher profit rate than you have previously had.  Many players will see people leave and not adjust their game at all. These are the players you have to try and run over at the table and stack.  So stay aggressive when the players start leaving your tables and you will be able to be making more money in no time.