Bankroll Management

Being able to maintain a bankroll is something that many players first starting out don’t understand how important it is. In general you should play with 1-2% of your bankroll in one game so that it doesn’t really hurt if you lose and it won’t affect your play. Of course, taking advantage of a free poker bankroll will make building a bankroll that much easier. Aside from that little plug, playing in games with more than a small portion of your bankroll will hurt ones game and indefinitely deplete your bankroll. For instance playing in a 5/10 game where regular buy-ins range from $1,000-$2,000 with a bankroll of only $10,000 will really hurt if you lose a big pot or get a strong hand cracked. There are so many over confident people today who will take shots’ in games that maybe they can beat but don’t have the bankroll for it. The best and most proven way of getting to the top as any pros will tell you are to grind it out and progress your way up through the limits.

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Moving Up

After you can beat one limit and have the bankroll for the next limit then move right up to it. If you can beat that limit and are making consistent money then move up to the next limit. If you can’t beat the limit then move down to the previous limit you were playing. Easier said than done because when you are stuck a lot of money the only thing you want is to get it right back and that will only lead to you going broke and losing everything you worked so long for. Maintaining a bankroll along with being able to keep your head together at times where you feel almost that you don’t care if you lose or not will in the end is something that will get you to the top of the poker world. So many players play with a bankroll not fit for the stakes they play at and is the main mistake almost every person has made. There are no pros out there who will tell you they just sat and started beating the high limit games. They progressed their way through the limits; grinded it out, until they are where they are today.

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