Check Raising

When to use a check raise as a bluff is a situation where it looks as if it was a trap and you are holding a big hand. The best situations are to check raise with big draws or hands that can get there rather than just as a pure bluff. But against very aggressive players check raising will get them off of their hands more often than not.

Bluff Check Raise

The key to a pure bluff check raise is being perceived as a tight player. If you are perceived as a loose aggressive player the other player will most likely notice this and come right back over the top and you will be stuck. When you check raise someone you want to get them stuck in a pot rather than get yourself stuck. To get yourself the most value against an aggressive player at lower limit cash games online here is a situation where you have a small pair from the big blind. You flat call pre-flop; you completely miss the flop not hitting a set. What to do? A check raise of 2.5 what they bet will allow you to lose the least and gain the most; the ideal situation, and you aren’t committing yourself to the pot if they float the 3 bet or come back over the top of it on the flop.

Value Check Raise

When check/raising for value you want to be playing a pot most likely going to the turn with a check/raise. In a situation with a big pair, or AK hitting the flop with top pair; or hitting a straight or flush on the flop what you want to do is lead out on the flop. The reason to lead out on the flop is if you get raised on the flop you have your opponent stuck on the turn or if you decide to 4bet the flop you also have them stuck. But leading the flop will allow you to check/raise the turn. Sitting there with the nuts most will check/call. I only see that as being a good play if you are sitting there with quads on a dry board. The ideal play is to lead with big hands then check raise the next street allowing for max equity and if they come over the top you are in a very nice spot to pick up a pot and possibly stack through or stack your opponent.