Full Ring Micro Stakes Cash Game Strategy

To be able to beat micro limit games the strategy is plain and simple play tight and get the most value for your hands when you get them. Don’t take all that many shots at pots unless you feel like your opponent is going to lay their hand down. Playing at a full ring game as opposed to a 6 max game changes your view on the table as a whole. You need to put your cutoff hand to AQ and pairs in earlier position and even in late position play with caution. The key to being able to play at a full ring table is to be able to take the pots away from your opponents after the flop comes out and not before the flop. Obviously try and get as much money in the pot when you have hands like Aces or Kings preflop. But don’t rely on having very big hands win you big pots. Many times being able to raise draws over the top of people and take pots away on the flop or turn will be enough to make money and consistently build up your bankroll.

Using Your Position

Playing aggressively in position is a key to full ring cash games because they are played just like tournaments. They are played with caution but being able to constantly build up the amount of chips you have in front of you will ultimately lead you in the right path and allow you to beat full ring micro stakes cash games. Many players make the mistakes of opening their game up too much at low limits and it costs them in the long run. Playing too many hands will swing your bankroll up and down like a yoyo and is almost never going to be profitable. You will simply run in to too many hands at a full ring game as opposed to a 6 max game. It is easy to get carried away at a 6 max table and get away with it but at a 9 or10 handed game players will trap the aggressive players and you will not feel all that great after a session. So ultimately you will want to play tight and aggressive in position to pick pots up and let your bankroll flourish.