High Stakes Cash Game Strategy

Being able to beat high stakes cash games online is something that takes a lot of time and dedication. To be able to build your bankroll up to even play in these games could take some players’ years and even then they will take shots and just simply be outplayed in these situations. But to be able to play at what is considered high stakes online cash games or $25/$50 blinds and up you need definite discipline and far more than a basic understanding of the game. To play in these games and actually compete with these other guys who play these limits you have to be able to understand every situation that the game suggests. You have to be able to read 3 bets preflop as weakness or strength and really learn and study the way your opponent plays every hand. This is difficult because many players at this level will make the same plays regardless of what hands they have based on the action preflop and if they are in a good position or not.

High Stakes Poker Table

Playing hands out of position in high stakes cash games online is just something that you do not want to do period. You can try check raises with nothing and your opponents will still come back over the top. The key is to be able to read betting patterns, understand where you stand against players, and also be conscious of how these players view you at the table. If you have been folding a lot of hands preflop you can make a play or two after sitting for quite some time at the table and get respect from your opponents.

Understanding Your Opponents

Many players that play at this high of a level will be very aggressive because they are confident in their perception of others at the table and will not hesitate most of the time if overly confident against a player. These players are guys you have to understand and to be able to play with. The reason is to them it is about more than just the cards you are dealt in the pocket. It is more about reading your opponents, all of their ticks and tells and patterns and being able to interpret every situation perfectly. One key and the main one in beating high stakes cash online is first understanding that money means nothing and pride means everything online because players will not stop to take down a pot if they feel like they can take it away from you. So tighten yourself up when necessary and loosen up when the situations call for it and you will be able to play right up with the pros.