Micro Stakes Heads Up SNG Strategy

Playing games against only one other opponent or in other words playing a heads-up sit and go at low stakes are the easiest way besides beating low-limit cash games to build up a bankroll. The key to being able to win these games don’t have to deal with luck like most think. It is being able to read your opponent and the bets they make in certain situations.

Managing Your Stack

If you start a HU with 1,500 in chips and the buy-in is $10 or $20 it is easy to get carried away with it and start making raises to 3 BB’s pre-flop. One way to maximize your return on chips in a pot is to min raise pre-flop because many times your opponent will fold if they don’t have the cards and opposed to that will raise if they have the cards. In low stakes games your opponent will just look at his cards and not be aware of what your cards are. So to beat a game like this raise almost every hand and continuation bet applying maximum pressure and losing the least amount when you don’t have hands but apply more pressure and make bigger raises in pots when you actually wake up with hands. The reason being if your opponent sees that you are raising a lot of hands they will try and take random shots at pots and if you wake up with top pair on the flop or have a big pair in the pocket they will pay you off more times than not and you will be able to get a bunch of wins in a row under your belt.

Shove or Fold

One play also under used is the all-in in HU games. I would suggest moving money in with flush draws or outs rather than calling bets and missing your hands. If you have a board that is low cards and your holding two over cards to that board and a flush draw and your opponent fires a bet at the pot this is an optimal situation in which your return is very high. Even if they call your big move you still have plenty of outs to get your hand there and if they fold it’s the same difference because you will be getting the most amounts you can from your opponent.