Omaha Medium Stakes Cash Game Strategy

Playing Omaha at the middle stakes cash game level is far more difficult than at the lower stakes levels. The reason being players will understand basic concepts better and will look if they see you are weak to push you off of your hands a lot more often.  Most of the time players will open with a very wide range of hands in position and it is really hard to put them on the hand that they have.  In mid stakes cash games playing PLO the game has so much variance that if you are not prepared to lose a decent amount of money in one session than your better off playing lower stakes cash games.  Playing mid stakes Omaha games I would suggest highly against unless your bankroll will not be too hurt with losing a couple of buyins.  The game in general though can bring about a large amount of money if you start running well, playing well,   and get on a roll.  In this type of game it is better to feel comfortable because players will often 3 bet preflop in many situations with weaker hands and try to outplay you on the flop or just simply out flop you and get you stuck in hands where it is tough to call your money off.  The amount of pressure applied at this level of cash and game type is more than any other level or game.

Reacting to Your Opponents

A good way to play at this level if there are a lot of maniacs throwing their money around at your table and if you are more of a cautious players is to do just that; play careful and pick your spots to get your money in.  Being able to pick good spots to get your money and playing hands in position will allow you to pick up some pots and allow you to not commit that much money to a pot if you are behind in the hand.  When going after a pot in PLO it is better to never but money in on a bluff or just having one pair in your hand.  The ideal hands are pairs with redraws to flushes or straights or flopping sets.  Many people at this level will still put too much value into a hand like Aces with two rag cards and get themselves in trouble if they don’t flop a set of aces or have a flop that goes well with their hand.  So just play pots that you feel you can win and always make sure you have outs for your hand to get there and possibly make the nuts or a hand that can beat your opponent.