Omaha Micro Stakes Cash Game Strategy

The game with the most swings in it and by far the hardest game to establish yourself in his Pot limit Omaha. This game can cause large downswings in your bankroll in a matter of minutes. To play this game at a higher level there is a lot of math involved in certain situations that is impeccable to be understood. Without math in this game you will not be all that successful even at the lower limit you need a basic understanding. Omaha plays somewhat like stud in the fact that you want Jacks or better to open from early position and small wired pairs and connectors to play from in position on the button or playing from the cutoff. To be able to play with and beat the micro game players you simply want to play tight and conserve your stack for a pot where someone will shove in on you and you can hopefully double your stack through. People at the lowest limits of PLO will not pay attention to how tight or how loose you are playing they will simply see what their cards are and shove their money in accordingly. So it is very easy to pick good spots against these types of players and easy to take a lot of money from players in certain sessions, and a good place to look for loose players is at any number of European betting sites.


You can also get very unlucky to lose pots in Omaha flopping hands like sets against big flush and straight draws. This is a common standard in PLO to shove in on the flop and hopefully your money will be returned to you in a coin flip situation like that by the time the river hits. Ideally you want to play drawing hands and play pots where you can count at least 12 cards in the deck to hit where you can win the pot. Also by betting on the come in PLO you will get paid off handsomely most of the time when you get there because if you hit the nut flush it is very likely that the person who called you has the 2nd or 3rd nut flush in their hand and might come over the top of your bets. So the main key is to play your draws aggressively and when you don’t have don’t bluff or take stabs at pots just wait and grind it out and your hands will come eventually.