Omaha Micro Stakes Sit and Go (SNG) Strategy

Omaha is one of the most complex forms of poker, but Sit and Go’s are definitely beatable. The micro stakes SNGs are some of the softest games that you will find anywhere. Many Omaha players don’t really know what they are doing, but the micro stakes players seem like they don’t even know the rules, let alone strategy. Exploiting and profiting from micro stakes Omaha SNG players is really a simple task. If you are able to adhere to basic Omaha strategy there is little doubt that you will crush the low limit Sit and Go’s. There is certainly some strategy involved, but it doesn’t take too much time or effort to learn. Any Omaha player with a willigness to win will find themselves raking in the money at the micro stakes Sit and Go’s.

Early Stage Strategy

There are techinically three stages to SNG play, but for all intents and purposes there are two defined stages, early and late. Most players will either build up a huge stack and go on to cash in a micro stakes SNG, or they will bust out early. There is nothing wrong with losing your stack in the early stages of a SNG so long as you were making the proper plays. The fact is that Sit and Go success, on a game by game basis, will require a little bit of luck. Over the long run the best players will always come out in top.

So, what is a solid early stage strategy for micro stakes Sit and Go’s. Playing tight is not going to cut it. You will need to expand your range a bit at these limits because the players will be willing to raise with more hands than you would generally expect. Most players in the micro stakes SNGs don’t like to sit around and wait for a hand. Playing solid double suited hands and strong connecting hands will be a good start. If you start to spread yourself too thin it will be hard to define what type of range you should be opening with. Be selective in which hands you play but remember that your opponents aren’t going to be playing tight.

Late Stage Strategy

The strategy for late stage play in a micro stakes Omaha Sit and Go is just the same as it is in most SNGs. Implementing a push/fold strategy will go a long way towards making the money. Do not try and play to simply cash, play for the win. There will be times where you finish on the bubble, one away from the money, but there will also be times where you finish in first. You will be much more profitable if you win two out of ten games than if you min cash three out of ten games. Widen your range as the bubble is approaching. Some players will tighten up in an attempt to make the money, exploit these players by staying aggressive.

Don’t play recklessly, but make sure that you are taking advantage of the players who are sitting back and relaxing. You will notice that players are going to be going all in with rather weak hands, especially in Omaha, when the money is nearing. If you widen your range too much it will allow these players to see the flop with the best of it. In Omaha you are never all that far ahead, but you can do your best to make sure that you have the edge whenever possible. Don’t waste your time with small raises, especially if you are planning on folding to a re raise. Make a decision and stick with it, fold or shove.