Open Limping and Min Raising in the Micro Stakes

Things not to do at micro stakes poker include two very big things that are very common mistakes. One thing not to do is to open limp in to a pot and the other is to open with a minimum BB raise. Both of these things give you the least value for your hand if you have a hand that could possibly double your stack up. You should either be raising pre-flop or folding. Keep that in your mind and you will be much better off to open up pots.

Never Open Limp

The only exception to that is occasionally limp in with small pairs under the gun but even then you need to hit your hand or you will be losing money in the long run unless you can check raise and outplay your opponent on the flop. But to make money never limp in to pots because if you limp in to a pot under the gun with aces and nobody at your table raises pre-flop you let multiple players see the flop. The key with a hand like aces is to isolate one opponent and get the most money in the pot before the flop. If your opponent flops two pair on the flop and you decide now that you want to raise you will be at a disadvantage and have to hit a better two pair or spike an ace to get ahead of your opponent in the pot.

Never Min Raise

To open minimum raise in a pot; it is very similar to this concept because you are putting almost no pressure on your opponent in both situations. You are giving yourself the least amount of return on your money and allowing other players to catch up to your hand and steal the pot away from you. So never open min raise or limp in to pots because this will not allow you to make the most money for yourself when you have made hands pre-flop. Also going against this if you are raising with a hand like QJ or limping into a pot with a hand like that you will be getting yourself stuck in pots if someone bets or raises you on the flop. That’s why you have to stick to a simple thing pre-flop in micro-stakes poker either raise or fold; never open limp or min raise.