Playing Double Suited Hands in Omaha

Double suited hands are extremely valuable in Omaha. A double suited hand is when the four card hand consists of two cards from two different suits. For example, a double suited hand might look like 9s 8s Kd Qd. These hands are so strong in Omaha because they afford players the opportunity to land two different flushes. The fact remains, however, that your double suited hands still need to be valuable in and of themselves. If you are dealt a mess of random double suited cards it won’t do you too much good. Your double suited hands will ideally have some potential outside of their flush possibilities.

A double suited hand with a couple pairs is always a welcomed combination. These types of hands will allow for the possibility of sets and full houses in addition to flushes. There are many players who will play double suited hands simply because they are double suited, but this is a terrible strategy. Your hand’s value is certainly boosted if it is double suited, but sometimes a weak hand is still a weak hand.

What Is Your Hand REALLY Worth?

There are two general types of strong double suited hands. The first type of double suited hand that is worth playing would be double suited/double paired hands. There are just so many possibilities with a hand like 8s 9d 8d 9s that you will never go wrong taking a chance with these types of hands. It should go without saying that strong pairs are always going to be favored. It is even better if you happen to have a hand like the example above. If you could combine pairs with flush draws and straight draws you will have a very good shot at taking down the pot. Most times, however, you will either have a standard double suited hand or a double suited hand that also features a straight or flush draw, but they will rarely combine straight, flush and set possibilities.

The absolute best type of double suited hand would have two strong pairs that also serve as connectors for a straight. Kd Ks Qd Qs would be a good example of this type of hand. This would be an extremely strong starting hand in Omaha. The second best type of hand would be a double suited hand that would have decent pairs and would also be connected. 7s 7c 8s 8c would be a great hand to play as it would be deceptive and also have a lot of value in and of itself. If you connect with these types of hands it won’t be too much of a challenge to really extract a lot of money from your opponent. Another type of double suited hand would be two random pairs. These hands won’t be connecting and won’t offer the possibility for straights. A hand like 4c 4s 9c 9s would be a perfect example of this type of hand. It has value for sure, it’s just not something that you should go nuts over. Double suited hands that are just a random collaboration of cards should really be avoided. Hands like 8s 2s Jc 4c or 7d Kd 3h Jh would be the types of hands you want to avoid, even if the double suitedness makes them seem attractive. Don’t let go of hands like 7s 8s Jh Qh though. These hands offer strong straight and flush possibilities. Double suited hands are always an upgrade over non double suited hands, but don’t overplay a hand just because a few suits are matching.