Playing Pocket Aces

One thing players look to do when playing a hand such as AA is to get the max value for the hand. Raising to 3 big blinds pre-flop will not get the most value for the hand so I would suggest to raise anything from 3.5-5 Big blinds pre-flop with a hand like pocket aces or kings. The key to being able to win a big pot is to put your opponent on a hand and be able to make bets that will allow one to make the most. Sometimes continuation betting a flop with aces against only one opponent in position isn’t the best play to make. A better play is to mirror what your opponent does if they check meaning check right behind them and hopefully they lead the turn and you can raise the turn.

Playing Aces Post Flop

Playing a hand like Aces out of position is tricky to do but mainly the correct play is 3 betting about 4 times their opening raise then betting the flop hard. The reason for betting the flop is to check/raise on the turn or bet again depending on what is on the board. If a board is JT2 many players might float a 3 bet with a hand such as KJ or AJ if they are in position and if you continuation bet the flop they might re-raise the flop putting you on AQ or AK. It gets tricky on some hands but playing aces isn’t that hard you want to get the most amount of money in the pot pre-flop and on all 3 streets. So checking and then raising with aces is a good play in a heads up situation and leading out with aces is a good play in a multi way pot.

One thing for the river if you are playing against someone in a pot that is relatively tight is that someone will almost never fire 3 consecutive bullets with absolutely nothing. They will fire one or two shells at the pot to take it down. If they then check it is easier to take the pot down so before stated many people know this and that is why betting the flop then check/raising the turn is a perfect play for aces and will trap your opponent. So the inverse of that, meaning if you have aces on a straightening board such as 89T and turn comes out as a queen or king, you might want to slow down and throw what is called blocker bet out. Usually what would be 1/4th to 1/5th of the pot and if you get raised then you can throw your hand away as much as it hurts to play aces and fold them some situations call for it. Check out Poker Bonuses.