Pre Flop Play at 200NL

The play at 200NL pre-flop varies depending on the types of tables you are playing at. Mainly the players at the table will vary from tight to very loose and aggressive players. So adjusting to play at this limit will get you a lot of return on your money without even seeing the flop. If a player raises to $7 which is a standard pot open before the flop a standard re-steal is a re-raise from anywhere from $20-$25. The ideal re-steal is from the cutoff or on the button. Re-steals out of position could get you in trouble if the player 4 bets you back over the top before the flop or floats with a marginal hand and raises your bet back on the flop.

Playing In Position

The main way to play is in position at 200NL. Playing in position is the way to make the most money unless you pick up big hands such as jacks or better or AQ and AK which you can still play well out of position being the favorite in most spots. Playing big hands in position against super aggressive players is one thing easily done if done correctly because a lot of players will 4 bet pre-flop with weaker hands and shove large amounts in to get you off of your hand. So a more correct play with a hand like pocket tens in position is to flat call the pot raise before the flop and build the pot up on the flop. This will trap your opponent if the correct flop hits and allow for a max return on equity. Plus playing a hand like tens very aggressively could end up getting you stuck in a hand and losing a big pot as opposed to losing a small pot or winning a small pot.

The key to playing at 200NL is to be able to build pots when you have big hands and win small pots with middle pocket pairs by re-stealing flops if you miss your sets. The pre-flop play will vary depending on the tables just adjust if you are playing at a very action filled pre-flop table and play less pots. If you are playing at a tight table just take down a lot of small pots and stay away from getting trapped. For instance don’t call a three bet pre-flop at a very tight table with a hand like AJ or small to middle pocket pairs.