Rebuy Tournament Strategy

Most players will understand that playing a rebuy tournament the goal you want to have is to have the most chips at your table as possible. Whether it is yourself rebuying a couple of times or your opponents, you want to stack your table up with chips so you can ultimately make a run in the tournament and have a chance to make the final table, and possibly win it.

Early Stage Strategy

You can certainly not play too passive in the first hour of a rebuy tournament because if you do and get a couple bigger hands cracked it hurts more than if you were playing hyper aggressive and just swinging all over the place the first hour. Sitting back and waiting for hands to come is simply not a good strategy for a rebuy tournament for the first hour. You should just keep going, play as many pots as possible until you have received a big enough stack where you can finally just sit back and play. Being able to adjust from the first hour to the second hour is the hardest part of rebuy tournaments because players get stuck in one gear. To be able to change gears and tone your game down is the hardest part of this tournament.

After the first hour of play it is just like it would be in a regular tournament, but the only difference is compared to the blind levels peoples’ stacks at the table are astronomical. Having such large stacks it is easy to get complacent and start playing too many pots with rag hands, and bleeding off chips. To be successful in a rebuy you need to pick off the players that are playing too many hands and take a few shots at them in hands. Most players like that are stuck in one gear since the rebuy period ended and won’t be able to slow down until they take a few hits to their stack.

Late Stage Strategy

Playing a rebuy tournament any time from the 2nd hour and on is just playing a regular tournament. When the bubble gets closer you want to pick up your aggression and take down some bigger hands and when the money comes just play your game. In rebuy tournaments if you have a lot of chips you can afford to sit back for the most part for even an hour or so and blind some chips off and still be in good enough shape where if you won a pot you could make a run at winning it.

In The Money Strategy

When the tournament is nearing its end after long hours of play and somehow you have still managed to maintain a stack throughout, picking up aggression and winning the tournament is the ultimate goal. The differences between 9th place and 5th place in most tournaments are almost nothing. So, being able to win a lot of hands, and start putting your whole stack in if it’s in the bottom half of stacks, now are the time to. But, if you have a larger stack why not coast some until it gets to 4 or 5 handed then start making your moves to win the tournament. The key to no limit rebuy’s is aggression like anything, but being able to pick the right spots is always the hardest thing. Simply moving your stack in is high risk and high return, but grinding it out in these types of tournaments after the first hour is the only way that you will get to the top of them. So, be patient and pick your spots wisely, and you will be able to final table and maybe even win it.