Stealing Blinds in the Micro Stakes

Being able to beat micro stakes no limit Texas Hold’em is not something that is hard to do but mainly all you need is a bankroll and a willingness to learn. If you can cut your range down and open your range up depending on the tables you are playing you will be able to consistently make money and it will be an easy and enjoyable experience. Playing 50NL cent tables are the most basic and easiest low limit games to beat with consistency. Playing hands from the cutoff at a 6-max table and playing hands from the button will allow you to take down more money an hour and increase your bankroll steadily.

In order to take a hand down from the button, you want to first make sure your hand is something that can get there like 89 suited is your low cutoff hand playing any cards above those is a good way to start off. If your opponent calls your raise pre-flop from the big blind they will most likely check. You will continuation bet the flop and more than 75% of the time they will just check fold the flop. In that case you are making the perfect steal at a pot. The other times they may check call and it is usually best to check it back to them if your hand has no hopes of getting there.

Micro Stakes Observations

One thing i’ve also noticed at 50NL is that if someone calls pre-flop then they check to you twice I have defined that as them being indefinitely weak because almost any player who hits the flop will lead the turn or bet the flop. They will almost never check to you twice. So if you decide to check back the flop from the cutoff or button and they check again I would put a bet out of a little more than half of what the pot is and you will take down the hand. If they call your bet then maybe they picked up a straight or flush draw and if it doesn’t hit the river then it is easy to fire another bullet at the pot and win the pot on the river by betting the turn and river. A simple way to beat and play your steals is to fire two bets at the pot to win it and almost never fire a third shell unless the situation calls for it like an obvious missed flush draw that the caller from the blinds check called with twice.