Turbo 6-Max SNG Strategy

Turbo sit and goes in general consist of very little players playing the blind levels to their advantage. In the mid stakes range of sit and goes players will often play either overly tight or overly aggressive, but the best strategy for this type of game is to play tight at the beginning when blinds are very small then when it gets to 3 handed or so and the blinds begin to escalate to play virtually almost every hand you are dealt and shoving away when the blinds reach the 100/200 level is a common standard. You can’t simply fold every time you don’t get a hand you have to start moving your money in whether ahead or behind in pots because if you pick 3 or 4 of these blinds in a row you will run over your table and win the game.

How to Adjust to Turbo SNG’s

The ultimate goal anytime you sit down to play a turbo sit and go is obviously to play a short game and get the most money back for your time invested. So to be a successful mid stakes player you need to understand when the best times are to gamble. You want to start gambling in position making small raises to steal blinds and then when blinds escalate to put your whole stack in and force them to pick up a hand. Mainly you will want to play stack shoving poker when you get to 3 handed so you either will bubble a cash or win the tournament. Eight or nine times out of ten your opponents will not pick up enough hands and they will crumble just trying to make it to heads up depleting their stack and leaving you with the eventual victory.